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Effective Metal Processing Recycling Facility in Chilliwack

Goodies Trading Ltd is a reliable, technically advanced scrap metal recycling company in the Chilliwack area. A range of modern equipment in our facility helps us meet the needs of the new recycling industry. We have 3 bobcats, 1 forklift, 2 shear excavators, 1 Liebherr magnet or grapple excavator, and 1 Acculoader.


Depending on the weight of the scrap, truck and floor scales are used. At our facility, we have two truck scales and two floor scales. For your convenience, we also offer two roll-off bin trucks to keep your property or job site clean. Get paid in return for your junk at Goodies Trading Ltd. If you are not sure what you have is recyclable, talk to our staff. We offer our services at competitive prices.


Since 2002, we have been serving and supporting communities by processing and recycling scrap metal. We are committed to protecting the environment by recycling everything that’s possible and providing quality raw materials for reuse.


When you call us for bin services, you will find that we deliver the bin quickly, and our courteous staff will answer your questions thoroughly. When the bin is full, we will be there promptly to pick it up for you.

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